Joy Food One Chinese Restaurant

Full service, Dine in, Take out, Delivery
Mon.~Thur.: 11:00AM-9:00PM
Fri.~Sat.: 11:00AM~9:30PM
Sun.: 11:30AM~9:00PM
  • ltwea****** posted at 9/8/2023
    The first time I ordered from there and the service was rude and shitty! I could hardly get the guy to come up front to assist me and then when he did being me my order he walked away quickly. I tried to get his attention and he ignored me so I had to actually call the store while standing up front to get his attention. When he came back to answer the phone I told him that I just needed utensils. He snapped at me and pointed to this poorly made contraption that didn't look like it would even have utensils in it. He said something extremely rude and pointed me in that direction. I couldn't believe it so I threw his menus on the floor when I left. I WILL NEVER SPEND MY MONEY JUST TO GET TREATED SO POORLY AND I WILL NEVER EAT THERE AGAIN. ASSHOLE
  • tlki**** posted at 4/3/2023
    Very disappointed with tonight’s order.  Egg Foo Young was burnt to a charcoal briquettes. Completely not edible.  Should never have gotten beyond your restaurant dumpster.  Dropped several points tonight. 
  • jweis***** posted at 3/11/2023
    Very disappointed in the quality of the food I just purchased. Ordered Kung pao chicken and moo shu shrimp, egg rolls and fried dumplings. Food did not appear fresh and texture made it appear to having been previously frozen. Will never order here again. The whole 50.00 meal went down the garbage disposal.
  • rssc**** posted at 12/10/2022
    I wish joy food one would open up fully for dine in. No personality in the employee. I get soup for my wife other than that, no thank you 
  • keith***** posted at 8/21/2022
    We are a regular customer and we ordered the hibachi steak and shrimp. The shrimp was good but the steak was so tuff we could not chew it. Just to let you know. I should have ordered medium rare. Thanks
  • jodyric******* posted at 5/5/2022
    228 woodspring suites today a driver acted horrible over 10cents after over the year time 2slices of raspberry cake and a order of crab Rangoon was never placed in bad our bad for never saying anything about it however we have 3more years here and have told all his employees how good food is please make something right I had 5$ tip give him he acted like he was so going broke or 5cents or 10 n look 2566332419
  • jodyric******* posted at 5/5/2022
    2566332419 my name is Jody and I looked forward coming back with my husband just to eat food and over 10 cents after over a year of ordering as well as our employees are fixing underground where y'all can drive I'd appreciate it soooooo much you make it right and just deliver what you left outta my bags order of crab Rangoon and 2slices of raspberry cake from bottom of my heart ?? I love the food but the rude fact that your driver today acted as he did we will all not be apart of if something isn't made right we now have 3more years here with ProShot concrete and my husband owns if you only knew what you all drove over you 6be glad to do us right 2566332419 my husband phone ??
  • jodyric******* posted at 5/5/2022
    We be here 3 more years and it really hurt me and we are underground making sure they can travel these roads and I should brought it to their attention when my order of crab Rangoon and two raspberry cake ?? was left out but if something isn't made right we find another place
  • jodyric******* posted at 5/5/2022
    1 year ordered great food forgot 3things order Rangoon 2rasberry cakes but dude today makes me walk up for for 10 cents after ordering 2 or times a week along with his employees and I had 5$ tip for him but chose not to give we be here three more years so if they don't call 2566332429 make something right we all done
  • jodyric******* posted at 4/28/2022
    Best food ever! I come outta town with my husband just to eat this food sometimes ?? and it's really addicting and amazing ??
    Just some names of things are different then from Tennessee Chinese places but try a order of crab Rangoon omg delicious
  • airsou******* posted at 1/15/2022
    Ordered veggie chowmien and got white rice and 3 broccoli and snow cap pees 
  • airsou******* posted at 1/15/2022
    Just order vegetable  chowmien ans got whit tice and onions  order under 6145466277
  • jean***** posted at 12/19/2021
    Do you have a menu for larger orders, like for a party or a catering menu?
  • rkelley******* posted at 11/23/2021
    I have ordered from you in the past and really love your egg foo yong. I was a little disappointed that it was delivered tonight without the gravy. I had to eat so I didn’t raise a stink about it. Just thought you would want to know.
  • alexl***** posted at 10/24/2021
    call me so I can order food my phone number is 614-668-2525
  • allei***** posted at 9/24/2021
    I did not receive a 2 liter of sprite with the order I placed tonight. 
  • pickrell.********* posted at 6/28/2021
    Just want to thank you for leaving a menu on my door it’s so nice to have a Chinese restaurant delivering again I will be ordering soon
  • 11ba***** posted at 5/15/2021
    Is my credit card info safe? It is still showing on the final page/summary of my order.  Who can see this specific info.  Please advise!  Thanks 
  • jacks****** posted at 1/6/2021
    Fried rice was very pasty.  Not the typical fried rice.  Very disappointing 
  • bethha****** posted at 12/25/2020
    I missed several calls from you about my order but cannot get through to you on your phone line- always busy. 
    Please try me back